About us and what we do

Who We Are

3B | ESG is an independent consulting firm specialising in Sustainability, Business Agility, ESG, CSR, and Technology solutions.

We’re not just about compliance; we’re about transforming sustainability into a competitive edge. With our innovative, action-biased approaches and micro-nudges, we believe in empowering businesses to navigate the complex ESG landscape, unlocking prosperity, and driving immediate change and improvements.

We inspire and engage people, helping them connect with a sustainable future and find their purpose. Our blend of expertise from regulatory frameworks to AI, allows us to deliver tailored solutions that help businesses thrive in an increasingly sustainable world.

Our Vision

To revolutionise businesses by transforming Sustainability and ESG from a compliance requirement to a competitive advantage. We aim to inspire and engage people with a sustainable future, helping businesses and their employees find purpose and connection.

Through innovative, action-biased approaches and micro-nudges, we unlock prosperity, open new markets, and facilitate quicker, fairer decision-making, leading to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Picture of Mike Medley
Scott Seivwright

Our Founders

Mike Medley: Pioneering Sustainable Futures

Co-founder and COO of 3B-ESG Ltd, Mike is more than just a seasoned business leader; he’s a visionary with a rich tapestry of over 40 years of experience in the dynamic world of Financial Services. Mike’s journey is marked by a unique blend of strategic foresight and commercial wisdom. His remarkable proficiency in weaving collaboration into the very fabric of leadership makes him an unparalleled asset in the realm of business transformation. 

Passionately customer-centric, Mike’s ability to engage and influence extends beyond just the business strategies. It’s about relationships. His exceptional rapport-building skills make it possible for him to connect deeply with stakeholders, spanning Board rooms to C-level suites, ensuring alignment of values and goals.

3B-ESG Ltd is a testament to Mike’s commitment to the future. Recognising the imperative nature of sustainability and ESG in today’s world, he co-founded the company as a bridge – connecting his extensive transferable skills from Financial Services to the green horizons of Sustainability and ESG. At 3B-ESG, Mike is not just pioneering sustainable solutions but also laying down the blueprint for a more responsible and conscious business landscape.

Join us in our journey, as Mike leads the way in shaping a sustainable tomorrow.

Scott Seivwright: Empowering Business Leaders

In an era where change is both urgent and inevitable, Scott Seivwright, Co-founder and CEO of 3B-ESG Ltd, emerges as the catalyst driving that transformation. With an illustrious 30-year track record in Agile practices, Scott knows that agility isn’t just about speed—it’s about precision, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Drawing upon his extensive roles, from Interim CTO to Enterprise Agile Coach, Scott infuses organisations with the tools to accelerate innovation, drive rapid change, and drastically reduce waste. This not only fortifies their market position but exponentially augments their brand’s investability.

But Scott’s passion transcends mere business proficiency. His heart beats for a sustainable world, where businesses don’t just adapt but evolve to address the pressing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) challenges. With his inimitable approach, he unites diverse minds, crafting strategies that meld customer needs with proactive, earth-friendly practices.

Join Scott on this urgent voyage of transformation – Shaping your pigeons into sparrow hawks. With his guidance, witness your business not just navigate change but spearhead it, leading the charge towards a prosperous, sustainable future.

Our Mission

To provide specialist knowledge and expertise in Sustainability, Business Agility, ESG, CSR, and cutting-edge technology. We leverage small-scale experiments, immediate action, and continuous evolution to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of ESG.

We strive to inspire and engage people, helping them find purpose and connection in a sustainable future. We equip businesses to leverage sustainability and profitability as powerful drivers of success, fostering healthier, more inclusive workplaces and promoting responsible business practices that leave a lasting, positive legacy.


Understanding the system

We view your organisation as a system, using systems theory and complexity understanding to identify opportunities for ESG improvement​

Hypothesis-driven development

Instead of jumping to solutions we develop and test hypothesis ensuring we focus on the most impactful initiatives​

Workshops and Design Thinking

We facilitate workshops to generate innovative ideas and use design thinking to solve complex ESG challenges

Goal-directed planning

We align your ESG goals with your business strategy, ensuring a focused and strategic approach to achieving your deliverable and measurable achievements

Our approach is not about quick fixes, it's about creating sustainable and lasting change that leads to improved ESG outcomes and business agility to make a real impact


Better ESG results

With our unique approach your organisation can achieve sector-leading ESG results​

Improved brand perception

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment, social responsibility and governance, enhancing your brand’s reputation

Gain new stakeholders

Attract environmentally conscious investors, clients, and talent who value companies with strong ESG commitments and credentials​

Competitive advantage

By effectively implementing ESG commitments, your organisation can achieve a competitive edge, ranking higher in league tables

By partnering with 3B | ESG you’re not just ticking compliance boxes, ​ you’re driving your business towards a future where ​ sustainability and profitability go hand in hand ​