Our Services

With 3B | ESG you have a comprehensive support system to guide you through your Sustainability and ESG journey​


Through a series of discovery and orientation sessions with both C Suite individuals and other key stakeholders, we can help you visualise your ESG strategy, prioritising actions, and aligning them with your business goals and strategic objectives. Throughout this process we work in partnership with you to link all actions with established regulatory frameworks, and consider how implementing ESG commitments will provide competitive a​dvantage.

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Our team offers coaching and training at all levels to help you navigate the complexities of ESG, agility, and overall change management. Our goal is always to leave a lasting legacy, providing guidance and support in such a way that individuals and teams become self sufficient as quickly as possible


Firms sometimes grapple with the complexities of implementing effective ESG strategies, often with multiple internal silos working in isolation causing disarray and inefficiency. Through hosting and leading comprehensive alignment workshops, we help align your teams around your ESG vision, boosting motivation and engagement, and confirming ownership of outcomes

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By providing a unique blend of business agility and ESG knowledge, we supercharge the introduction of innovative methods to enhance your ESG performance to deliver positive impacts. We harness AI, Data, Open Data, Lean Kanban, Cynefin, Complexity Theory and Soft Systems analysis to drive your ESG initiatives to reduce costs and increase profits


Using goal directed planning and by establishing realistic KPI and performance metrics,  we offer advice, training and support techniques which will minimise any disruptions during the implementation of your ESG initiatives

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To assure that ESG initiatives are implemented successfully and delivery of expected outcomes is achieved, we can provide experienced practioners and SME’s on a fulltime, part-time or fractional basis to enhance existing resource capabilities